Monday, November 03, 2008

Buddy and his hearing deficient

I am sitting here watching CSI with my dad. He actually babysat for me tonight while I taught a prenatal class. He actually showed up an hour early for fear he didn't want to be late. It was really funny. He played with the kids, wrestled with them and even ate dino nuggets. But was really funny is the volume level that my television is currently on. I can actually feel the sound as I am sitting on the couch with him. It is actually kind of humorous. What is amazing is the fact my kids can sleep through this. The kids had a great time with Buddy and I think he did too. Caelin, who can be my more difficult child, is just like my dad. It was sweet to see them interacting. Caelin is actually really good for him. I cherish the fact that I don't live that far from my parents. I didn't see my grandparents often while growing up even though they lived only 2-3 hours away. That is nothing to drive now. It makes me happy to know my kids will grow up having a totally different relationship with their own grandparents.

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