Monday, November 03, 2008

Buddy and his hearing deficient

I am sitting here watching CSI with my dad. He actually babysat for me tonight while I taught a prenatal class. He actually showed up an hour early for fear he didn't want to be late. It was really funny. He played with the kids, wrestled with them and even ate dino nuggets. But was really funny is the volume level that my television is currently on. I can actually feel the sound as I am sitting on the couch with him. It is actually kind of humorous. What is amazing is the fact my kids can sleep through this. The kids had a great time with Buddy and I think he did too. Caelin, who can be my more difficult child, is just like my dad. It was sweet to see them interacting. Caelin is actually really good for him. I cherish the fact that I don't live that far from my parents. I didn't see my grandparents often while growing up even though they lived only 2-3 hours away. That is nothing to drive now. It makes me happy to know my kids will grow up having a totally different relationship with their own grandparents.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am sitting here trying to watch the Vice President debate and I have just realized that I am not very smart. My husband keeps making this sidebar comments and I really have no idea what he is talking about. I am also amazed that the candidates really don't answer the questions. Is it just me? Do you think that maybe I have too much information in my brain? Is the the number of children I have had? Is it the fact that I spend my free time either sleeping or catching up on my internet browsing? I think I need a political tutor. Someone who is not my husband because he is just too passionate about these things. It just wears me out. I do have to say that I do enjoy Sarah Palin's choice of eyewear....

Friday, May 09, 2008

i sometimes live a sad life

Okay, I thought I would be one of those people who could just write and actually keep up with my blog. For those who know me, I don't have a problem talking so why do I have such a problem actually sitting down and writing. Here are my theories why:

1) I have three kids and no time to actually do things other than change diapers, refill sippy cups, feed snacks, remove objects from a mouth of a 13month old, be a referee between 2 and 6 year olds, pick up toys, run the vacuum and numerous other time consumming activities.
2)I work weekends. Although it is a great set up, I end up actually wasting 1 day preparing for work that night (Friday) and 1 day recovering from my weekend (Monday) not to mention the fact those are the days I don't have Mother's Day out so I have the two little ones here.
3) My husband's internet usage. I get rather annoyed at my husband because he tends to be on the internet a lot. I guess because he doesn't use it at work(since it IS a government computer) so he saves all he browsing until he gets home. He also hogs the TV. He will be watching Glenn Beck and browsing on the laptop. If he even gets a drink of uses the bathroom, I have to run in to either check my email or Facebook.Then he comes back and stares at me or what I am looking at so I give it back. I think I may save up for my own laptop.
4) We can't use the internet at work. Not that I would be constantly on it and not taking care of my patients...but when there are no patients and you are doing everything you can to stay awake what does a little internet browsing really hurt. I have caught up on a lot of CEUs because we can do that.
5) I really am sort of creatively lazy. Yes, I really don't want to think that much. It is sort of sad that I really want to do mindless things like surf and facebook. I like to surf ebay for children's clothes because I don't care if I look like crap at least my kids are cute. I also think the more kids you have the number of brain cells actually decrease. I really have a hard time answering simple questions...Where are my shoes? Why is the sky blue? I can't even get the names of my kids and husband correct. I am constantly calling Trey-Finn, or Finn-Caelin or Bailee-Finn or Caelin. After hearing my mother doing that growing up, I never thought I would be one to actually commit this name mixup.

There could be several more theories but my creative laziness is kicking in....or I can't think of anything else to write about and I have to refill my 2 year olds sippy cup....more from me later.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

It is way too cold.....brrrrrrr!

It is 14 degrees out today. This just doesn't seem real for Alabama. I remember even when I lived in Germany it rarely got this cold. I just remember having to learn the metric system when I moved there. I could never remember how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit so I would just have to remember 0 degrees C was cold and anything under was really cold. It all got a little shady when it was 3C or 19C. I just remember that I didn't like it when it was 38C or 40C because we had no air condition and that was really hot. I just wonder why the Metric system is not used here in America. Are we that proud to change over? Are we too set in our ways? It would be interesting converting wouldn't it especially with the slower American population. Imagine the chaos of it all....Just something to think about today. .

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I am new to all of this....blogging, Facebook

The past couple of weeks I have been asked to join Facebook. Since I am a mother of three, my time has been very limited. As you can tell from my blog, I don't get to blog much. I really want to stay on task and try to figure all of these sites out. I really like Facebook and it is actually really cool. I have put a link on my facebook page to this site. I guess that means I better keep this up. I had recently posted pictures of the house we bought. The pictures are from before we moved in-just wanted to clarify. I have new pictures to post but they are on my external hard drive and can't figure out how to upload them yet. I got a new laptop for Christmas and can barely figure out the wireless thing. I really didn't know that having kids can handicap you in all things technological. I am posting a picture of the kids I took for my Christmas card. I barely got them out this year and didn't even send them to everyone I had in the past. I might get my act together next year or in 18 years.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We have returned....

We have finally returned after a 1 1/2 years...So here is what has basically happened since then. We decided to put our house on the market since Finn and Caelin were getter bigger and so were their toys. We found a house up the street with an additional bedroom and a den. It also was on a acre lot in a cul-de-sac with a pool! We decided to go for it while the real estate market was hot and ended up selling our house in less than a week! The house was a definate fixer upper but Trey and I love projects and we had a great vision. The before picures are shown above...I will publish the new photos in my next blog. We are in the planning process of redesigning our kitchen. So right when we were closing on our house we found out we were having another addition. We welcomed our sweet baby girl Bailee Dunaway Dowdey on March 26, 2007. April was on bedrest for 5 weeks for preterm labor and ended up having her 3 weeks early and in less than 2 hours. She was ready to play with her brothers. There is a picture of the new family posted above. As of April, Trey was activated for a home station mobilization with the US Army Reserves. He will remain active duty until April 2008 but luckily stationed right down the street in Hoover. I have taken a Baylor position at Brookwood Hospital in Labor and Delivery. I work every Friday and Saturday nights. It has been nice because I can volunteer at Finn's school and chaperone field trips. Finn is currently in 1st Grade, Caelin is in 2 year old kindergarten Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and Bailee remains with her mom during the week. We are definately staying busy so you can see why it has taken so long for us to post from our initial posting. Feel free to comment... I will try to post more later this week.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Dowdey Family

Hello! We have decided to start a family blog to keep all of our friends and family updated on what is going on with our family. Since we both work now, we have found it very difficult to e-mail, return phone calls and even get film developed. We apologize for this! We really want everyone to experience our day to day life. As you know, our two wonderful boys keep us really busy. We want everyone to really know these two amazing children and we want Finn and Caelin to know each one of you. We will try to keep updated pictures as well as any other news we may have. Feel free to post any messages to send to us. Finn would love getting "e-mail"! Caelin will appreciate to it one day as well. Hope you will enjoy! April and Trey